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This book has a quality feel and very colorful. The ideas for pancakes are creative and really fun. Hands-on experiences are best for anyone learning. This book will make the math concepts more relevant and meaningful to any learner.
Andrea L. Bergmann
This book creates a sense of independence in children by disguising teaching as play, allowing them to think in monetary terms while having hands on fun. Great for teachers, children, parents, or anyone who interacts with kids or wants delicious and unique cooking ideas to make for their families or themselves. The charming pictures, whimsical pancakes and interactive pull out format are sure to excite kids, foodies, and picture book lovers alike. A great teaching tool as well as a fun entertainment piece, this book has it all, inside of the classroom and out.
Tiffani Barth
I am a kinesthetic learner, and “I get it” when I use this book because I did it and felt it. The experience is also how I remember it later.
Ava Crump
Did you like to play “restaurant” when you were a little kid? Lucy has captured the playtime fun of most all kids, but with a twist of teaching about how to actually make the food instead of using pretend food, and you can even print out money so you don’t give an empty hand of money to pay for your restaurant food. There are even order sheets which can be printed so they take real orders. I especially liked the rhyming, which teaches kids meters and the basics of rhyme. The book is worth it just for the recipes. Oh, and did I mention that the book is huge with fold-out pages for the recipes and real-life pictures, with “coated” pages so you can wipe it off. This book will give hours of fun to your children or grandchildren, or even your students if you are a teacher, while they are learning about math, counting money and giving tips, nutrition, rhyming and creative FUN FUN FUN pancake making.
S. Bowers
As a third grade math teacher I can hardly wait to try out this book with my students! Along with the basic pancake recipe – which can easily be put together in a classroom as well as your kitchen – there are unique variations of pancakes to make with kids. The author has a website with free downloads of printables to extend the math learning. Filling out an order form and calculating the cost of the pancakes and also the change back from payment offers children a fun way to practice their addition and subtraction skills. I love using menus for math practice and this beautifully designed book is going to be a great addition to my library.
Julie Sawyer


We at Enjoy Learning Something love learning and hope to instill that love of learning for everyone. Through the books we publish we hope to make learning fun and enjoyable, making memories that will last a lifetime! In the coming years we hope to deliver great resources and books that children and their parents and teachers will adore.

Thank you for supporting education when you purchase books from Enjoy Learning Something!


Our best selling book is our first book, The Pancake Menu: What will you order? It’s winner of the Independent Publisher’s Book Award, Bronze for 2016 Children’s Interactive book and was featured on Good Morning America in April 2015!

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At Enjoy Learning Something, we are interested in reading quality picture books and nonfiction manuscripts for children, as well as chapter books for ages 7–10. We do not accept young adult fiction or fantasy novels for any age. To ensure that your manuscript is appropriate for our publishing list, please consider our mission, “To help kids enjoy learning, especially with hands-on activities.” When submitting your manuscript, please follow the guidelines listed below.

The manuscript must be typewritten and double-spaced, with your name and address on both the manuscript and cover letter. For picture book submissions, please send a copy of the entire manuscript. For chapter book submissions, we require a synopsis and approximately three sample chapters. Please do not send the entire manuscript unless requested to do so.

We do not consider manuscripts submitted on disk, by fax or by e-mail.

Please do not send us the only copy of the work.

We will only respond to those that are of interest for possible publication. Therefore, a self-addressed, stamped envelope is unnecessary — all materials will be recycled. If you have not heard from us within six months of submitting your manuscript, you can assume that it is not right for Enjoy Learning Something.

Please do not send original artwork with your manuscript. It is not necessary for art to be created in advance of a manuscript being accepted for publication. Should a manuscript require illustrations, Enjoy Learning Something will make arrangements for the artist. However, if you are a professional artist, please include photocopied samples of your work along with a brief resumé outlining your experience.

You are welcome to send your proposal simultaneously to other publishers rather than submitting it exclusively to Enjoy Learning Something.


Address the envelope to:

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